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Meeting Location

Click here, or use the address below for driving and/or walking directions to our meeting location.

Remember Salem Gifts
127 Essex Street 
Salem, MA 01970 
Parking Rates
Updated June 2022 

Recommended: MBTA Lot & Garage (8 minute walk)
Availability - Very High
Weekends:  $2 per day
Weekdays: $5 per day
October: Same Price
Directions to MBTA Lot & Garage

Closest: New Liberty Street Garage (1 minute walk)
Availability -  Low (extremely limited during reconstruction in 2022)
November - September: $1.50 per hour
October: $40.00 per day
Directions to New Liberty Street Garage

South Harbor Garage (4 minute walk)
Availability - Medium
Weekdays: $0.75 per hour
Weekends: $1.50 per hour
October: $40.00 per day
Directions to South Harbor Garage

​Street Parking
Availability- Limited
Rates up to $4.00 per hour
***Please check for signage***
Resident only spaces, time limits, and meters are checked regularly.  

Public Transportation
Updated December 2020 

Commuter Rail 
more info
Travel time from Boston: 28-30 minutes
8 minute walk to tour

Ferry (Seasonal)
more info
Travel time from Boston: Approximately 45 minutes
14 minute walk to tour

more info
Closest station: Wonderland, Blue Line (30 minutes away, driving)
Travel time from Boston:
Government Center (Boston) to Wonderland (Revere): 20 minutes
Taxi/Uber/Lyft from Wonderland to tour location: 30 minutes  
October Travel 

Visiting during October is fun, exciting and busy. Here is our advice to enjoy your vacation to it's fullest. 

Plan to arrive with public transportation if possible. 
The easiest way to arrive in Salem is by utilizing public transportation. 

If you drive into Salem plan to arrive early and be prepared to pay for parking. 

Get reservations early. Our Salem Day Tour often sells out early, and so do most other attractions, hotels, tours, etc.

Make sure your reservation is on the correct date and for the correct number of people. Oftentimes we are sold out well in advance and cannot change or add tickets during check in.  

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